Hey, Who Is This Hoopy Frood Anyway?


Who is this person? Why am I here? What’s with all the screaming? Well fear not, my handy dandy little guide below will help you with any questions you have about ThroughACrackedLens.com

Question: Who is this person?

Answer: What a great place to start! Thanks for asking! My name is Valeria Ballerini and I have been photographing for about 5 years. My goal is to try and capture moments and things that other people might overlook. I love photographing the odd and forgotten and I love photographing little details in the world.


Question: Why am I here?

Answer: Well, I suppose you’ve stumbled across my site either from Google or wordpress reader or one of my shameless plugs around the interwebs. Since you’re here, look around! If you see something you like, have a question, or just want to say hi, feel free to leave a comment on a picture, or shoot me an email at ThroughACrackedLensPhotography@gmail.com


Question: I really like your stuff! Can I purchase any of your photos to hang up in my study, bedroom, or evil laboratory?

Answer: Why thanks! Well, if you are interested in purchasing any of my pictures just head over to my Etsy shop: ThroughACrackedLensShop . There you can find most of my prints on sale for your wall covering needs. Don’t see something in my shop that you had your heart set on? Send me an email and I’ll see what I can do about getting it to you!


Question: How does this dang site work, you whippersnapper?

Answer: There are two parts to my site: The portfolio and the blog. The portfolio is what you see when you first come to my site. It’s got the best and my favorite pictures on it, as well as a fun tidbit about each picture. If you’d like to see more in-depth posts, as well as pictures not included in the portfolio, you can click on any of the categories at the my site, or just click on Blog to look through my fun photography stories through the years.


Question: What’s with all the screaming?

Answer: Oh, that’s my assist Igor, he doesn’t bite. Much.

8 thoughts on “Hey, Who Is This Hoopy Frood Anyway?

    1. haha actually….I loathe FF. I am an Atlus girl myself. I don’t know why, I just never clicked and while I love the music, I just cannot stand the games. I’m a bad nerd, I know. lol I’ve tried so many times, just can’t do it. Not even back in nes days (my dad kicked the plug from the wall while I was playing original FF and I lost everything…I’ve never been the same since. lol)

      haha aww thanks!

      1. Oh my god, the pain of a de-plugging! And i’m sure you’re a good nerd. FF isn’t for everyone. I’m just addicted to FF8 at the moment (again) and I was hoping someone would share my love.

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