They’re Coming to Get You Barbara…in Evans City, PA


I grew up watching a lot of horror movies. AMC’s Monsterfest used to show classic and obscure horror movies when I was young, and I was exposed to all sorts of horror movies as a kid.

Night of the Living Dead was one of those 2am movies that I snuck out of my bedroom to watch. Huddled under a blanket, I watched the movie in horror and had a hard time sleeping that night back in my bedroom.

As I’ve gotten older, I have started to love the movie for more than just it’s horror aspects, in fact, I think the more I watch the movie, the more I love that the horror is a secondary plot point to the socioeconomic and racial aspects of the movie. The movie is brilliant, and while the remake did a good job with updating the movie, the original will always be the standard that zombie movies should strive for.

On the way to Michigan I knew we were going to be driving close to the cemetery where Night of the Living Dead was filmed, as well as the Monroeville Mall, so I requested that we make a small detour to both. I had heard that the Mall had a small museum dedicated to Romero’s movies (though not Knightriders unfortunately) and I wanted to check it out.

IMG_7468  IMG_7469a IMG_7470


We took a few pictures of the cemetery, then a quick google search told me that the museum had moved from the mall to right around the corner from the cemetery.

The museum was really cool and they had brought over their Wall (Maul) of Fame from the mall. It was really cool seeing all of the costumes and posters and signatures of the everyone involved in the movies.

As an added bonus there must have been a convention nearby because there were some zombie extras from some of the old movies in the museum as well. I was sad that I didn’t make it to the mall but I had heard that it looks nothing like it used to and there are no markers to indicate it’s famous history.


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