Wright Brothers Monument – Kitty Hawk, NC


Being that last year was my first time in the Outer Banks, my boyfriend took me to go see the Wright Brothers Monument in Kitty Hawk. I really loved seeing the replicas of the Wright Brothers’ barracks and the milestones of the flights.

The visitors center was also really interesting and I loved seeing the tools, materials and equipment the Wright Brothers had to work with. I actually learned quite a bit about their first flight, and all of the subsequent flights after.

There is a memorial statue of the plane being flown by the Wright Brothers at the base of the hill, but this is the monument at the top of Kill Devil Hill that everyone comes to see. It’s quite a hike up the hill but it’s completely worth it. The view is amazing and it’s pretty cool so imagine what it would have been like on that faithful day.

On the way back down the hill I was incredibly fortunate to capture the picture below, and it actually gives me chills when I look at it. I’m very glad I went and if you’ve never been to the Wright Brothers museum, I highly urge you to take a ride and see it.


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