Phoning Home in Kecksburg, PA


On the way to Michigan I wanted to make it a point to stop in Kecksburg to see the Space Acorn they have on display.

Space Acorn?

Yes, Space Acorn. Well…it’s not REALLY an acorn, it’s a spaceship. Let me explain.

In the middle of Pennsylvania, in 1965, a spaceship landed in the middle of a field. Typical big military cover-up, the whole nine yards. In 1990 Unsolved Mysteries comes to Kecksburg and built this life-sized replica for their shots. Then they left it there. Eventually, the spaceship replica was repainted and put up on a high pole in the middle of a hill, down a little dirt street, across from a VFW bar. In the original story, the ship is gold, but when it was repainted, it was painted a tan-ish color, making it look like an acorn.

When we had stopped, we knew there was supposed to be a UFO store in the area and we found it.

In the bar, across the street.

The bar that we needed to be buzzed in to.

And stared at by all of the blue collar workers sitting at the bar.

While we walked into a tiny closet sized store.

And bought the best hand-made alien trivet made by the local kids for the UFO festival.

This was my absolute favorite stop, and is exactly why I love road-tripping. I wish I lived close enough to go to their annual UFO festival. If you are near Kecksburg, or passing through, stop there. Say hi to the UFO, grab a postcard or two from the store, and take a picture with the Acorn. Who knows, maybe it’ll come back some day.



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