5 thoughts on “Project 52 – Week 41 (07/13 – 07/19): Sunset

  1. Nice!! Collecting art glass is an addiction I had to beat a few years ago :-). The color of this is called Amberina and when it comes to hand blown glass this is my favorite color. I probably have over 30 pieces of Blenko and Viking art glass in this color and your blog post makes me want to add to my collection. There are some pretty cool finds at thrift stores and antique stores. My biggest prize was purchased at a thrift store about 5 years ago. They were selling a Blenko Decanter from the 1960’s for $17 and the book value for that particular piece was $260. Time to hop on good ole Ebay and do some browsing 🙂 :-).

      1. Depending on which company produced this it may have been somewhat valuable ☺. Oh well you are bound to come across more I’m sure. I stay away from thrift stores and antique store these days just because all of those small purchased add up. I also have over 200 pieces of art glass in my home most of which was purchased prior to having children. Children and valuable pieces of glass just don’t play well together. You have inspired me to maybe start a series on the art glass I currently own ☺. Have a wonderful day!

      2. I know the feeling of staying away from thrift stores. I have a serious book problem (4 room house; 8 bookcases) haha

        I would LOVE to see a series on art glass. That would be a great project. 🙂

      3. Lol. I have a book problem too actually. But a few years ago I switched over to reading them on my phone. I read in the mornings, at lunch and prior to going to bed. Go through about two a week I think. I used to borrow 8-12 at a time from the library but often times too careless with them and of course sometimes I would misplace them. Reading on my phone is probably what I do with my phone the most these days 😀. Granted I lean heavily towards fiction and I actually think 50 shades was a good read lol. Anyhow I’ll probably start on the aforementioned project soon.

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