Bess Houdini’s Grave


Magic has always been a huge part of my life. I grew up loving Houdini and wanted to be a great escape artist just like him.

You know…there are distinct moments in one’s life when they realize why their parents only had one child…

Anyway, as I got older, I added magic heroes to my list, people like Harry Blackstone and Penn & Teller, but always holding a special place just for Houdini. It’s been my dream to go see his grave at Machpelah Cemetery in Queens, NY but I haven’t gotten the chance yet. While I was at Babe Ruth grave I decided to see if there was anyone else of note buried in the same place. Find-A-Grave is a website I use a lot when looking for cemeteries of note. I was left dumbfounded when I spied the name Bess Houdini as being buried in the same cemetery I was standing in. I had always assumed she was buried with Harry and for a few minutes I refused to believe it was the same person. It took a while but when I found the grave I just couldn’t believe it. As I was reading about why Bess was buried here, a groundskeeper stopped by to talk to me. He had been there for a very long time and he admitted to me that it actually made him sad no one really knew Bess was buried there because she never got visitors. Turns out the groundskeeper was also a big magic fan and the two of us chatted about magic and the influence it had on our lives.

My only regret was that the groundskeeper asked if I wanted to take my picture with the stone and I declined. Normally I am very comfortable declining but I wish I had agreed just this once.

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