Don’t Eat The Gingerbread Castle in Hamburg, NJ

I was excited to for this road trip stop. No..let me rephrase that…


Ahem…that’s better.

As soon as I saw this on my list of places to stop, I couldn’t stop jumping up and down, and while I was willing to cut other stops for time, I made sure I had enough time to trek to the top of the state to see this abandoned family attraction.


From Roadside America: The Castle was a fairy tale attraction from around 1930 to 1980, then sporadically open for tours and events for a few decades. Local supporters have protected the abandoned property from the wrecking ball ever since, in the hope that the Castle can some day be reopened.

I couldn’t get on the property, there are chains and security cameras but you are able to park across the street and even that gets you incredibly close. It’s cute, all of the streets still have fairy tale names and fairy tale signs left over from when this place was still active. It’s both sad and sweet.

My favorite is how the locals treat the building. I was leaning against my car taking pictures when the people who live across the street came out to talk to me. They really wish the lot would be cleaned up and restored but they love the building even so. It is pretty magnificent in it’s decrepit state and I stopped on one of the roads that go behind the place and it was still pretty cool.

On the side there is a little bridge that crosses over a lake that isn’t there anymore, and a faded and crumbling Humpty Dumpty that greets you.


Maybe one day we’ll see this place restored but for now, it’s still quite lovely.





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