This is my grandparents vineyard in Italy with Arielli in the background. I spent my summers as a kid running up and down these hills and helping my grandparents harvest grapes. We used to come out here and lay on the roof to watch the stars and on nights where there was a festival, the fireworks.

With my grandparents getting older and starting to plan for when they wont be here, they split the land up amongst all the kids. The vineyards are getting ripped out and the land is getting cleared (only because my aunts and uncles live far away and my grandparents can’t tend to the land anymore. And they are stubborn Italians and try anyway 😉  ) but it makes me sad to think that 20 years from now I may come back here and everything I grew up with will be gone. I can only imagine how much harder it will be for my mom to see her childhood home cleared out.

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