Sneaker Track


I woke up this morning and got ready for my early morning run. At the last minute I decided to give myself a special treat, I decided to go running on the beach. I drove out to Asbury and ran up and down the shore edge  (ok…technically I ran UP the shore edge…I pretty much walked the way back).

I have pushed myself pretty hard the past few weeks and it was reinvigorating to treat myself like this. By the time I collapsed on the beach the sun was beating down and I just sat on the beach watching the waves and smelling the ocean.

I love the summer but with the coming fall, there are so many beautiful things to look forward to. The beautiful weather makes room for amazing brisk mornings, and the sound of the waves will be replaced by the crunch of leaves under my feet. As beautiful as the world is now, I can’t wait until it explodes with color. Autumn is my favorite time of the year (and not just cause it’s my birthday and hockey starts…though that makes it pretty awesome too) but summer…you’re not too shabby either.

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