Project 365: Day 331 – August 25, 2013

August 25 (1)

I did my final New Jersey Road trip today and this one took me all over north Jersey. In my travels I got to visit three AMAZING cemeteries. Rosedale Cemetery supposedly has a legendary tomb of Annie Baker Freiday but no matter how much I drove around, I couldn’t find it. I drove every inch of that cemetery yesterday with no luck. There was an area of the cemetery that’s been dug up (I’m assuming for a mausoleum) and judging by the direction on Roadside America…she should have been on that road.

The amazing thing I love about cemeteries is that even just driving around, you find some truly wonderful things. I passed by this tomb about 5 times and then I decided to stop and take a picture. Whenever I see a really old tomb that’s been left to the elements I sadly think about what happened to this family that left this tomb so abandoned. I wonder why and when did this door break…and why no one has fixed it. Everyone deserves a little TLC.

A sly grin did cross my lips as I imagined zombies causing the broken gate.

I watch too many horror movies 😉

August 25 (2)

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