Seeing Who Was Here in Washington, DC

While we were in DC, a friend gave us a list of scavenger hunt items to find if we had time. One thing on the list were the two Kilroy symbols in DC. A little poking and prodding and we found out that they are at the WWII monument.

So…after a quick photo-op..



We wandered around trying to find Kilroy. Turns out the Kilroy faces are behind the construction that’s going on at the monument, but that didn’t stop us….



There is one on either side of the fountain where all the gold stars are. It’s all closed off due to the construction…and while we attempted to see if we could sneak past the fences (you can’t…unless you can climb a fence and want to get arrested), we were able to snap some pictures from afar.

It was cool to see an old war pop culture reference hidden in plain view of everyone. Stuff like this is why I love what I do.

Kilroy Legends

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