Wondering If Hippopotami Have Wooden Teeth in Washington, DC


Some friends and I took a roadtrip to Washington, DC to visit the Holocaust Museum and so I took my list of weird stops with me. The museum took the whole day (completely worth it, it’s an amazing museum, but it’s very draining) and by the time we got out, it was time for dinner.

In an awesome turn of events, we discovered one of the things on my list when we turned down a random street near George Washington University.

Apparently the students of GW University found a mention of hippopotamus in the mud of the Potomac and took it literally, building this statue. He’s really adorable though I wish I had read up on him before we found him…apparently you are supposed to rub his nose for good luck.

We may not have rubbed his nose, but Jaime checked his teeth!


Clean as a whistle!


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