Cemetery Gate Compositions in Color and Black and White

There are some pictures that work better in black and white but I’ve finally come across a picture where I can’t decide if I think the black and white or color is better. I took a picture of the cemetery gate in Arielli while I was in Italy and as I was editing the picture I realized that both the black and white version as well as the color version bring something unique to the table.

IMG_4422 (2)

This is the original picture I took. It is a far more hopeful picture in color. The pop of green just outside the gate is welcoming and inviting you out into the world.


The black and white picture brings out the shadows in the picture. It feels a little more ominous but you notice the details more: the circles in the bottom of the gate, the cross at the top. The background takes a backseat to the door, and the light and dark has a completely different point of view than the picture with color.

I love both pictures equally for different reasons and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to choose.

One picture, two emotional outputs. I love photography.

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