Project 365: Day 286 – July 11, 2013

July 11

I have a thing for weird creepy churches. I’m not terribly religious myself anymore (something about a priest telling a 21 year old girl that she’s going to hell as well as her children are going to hell just because she’s marrying a divorced man doesn’t sit well with me…can’t imagine why…) but I still love me some good old fashioned scare the crap out of you religion.

Italy is just downright full of them and I’ve walked into every one that was open. I really loved this Mary statue, mostly because of the halo because it really blinded you if you got too close.

That story by the way….happened to my mom when she was going to marry my dad. She was about to board a plane to America and didn’t even speak the language. When I was young my mom told me that story and it really threw me. I went to Catholic school until I finished High School but that story always disgusted me. It really opened my eyes and I had a big crises of faith at that point.

While I’m wary of religion, I still love art. I’ll always be an artist at heart.

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