Project 365: Day 282 – July 7, 2013

July 7

I went for a walk by myself this morning just to get away from everyone and relax. It’s been a bit overwhelming here and I just needed to be by myself for a bit (which is a foreign concept to Italians..”You want to be…ALONE?? For five minutes?!) . I went for a walk but remembered that the cemetery was nearby and took a detour. I find it a nice quiet place to relax and walk around so I thought it would do me some good. My uncle was also recently moved here so I wanted to try and find his grave and I wanted to go once by myself because I knew how rough it would be for me.

This cemetery was recently remodeled and everyone was moved to an above ground plot to make room. These crosses are all that remain of old markers, they’re there as soon as you walk in.

I don’t tend to believe in ghosts or supernatural things but this is the second time I’ve had a weird coincidence happen with my uncle. The first was the summer after he died. He and I were very close and he was more like a father to me than an uncle. We had a special record that we played whenever we were together. When he passed, my aunt threw out everything, including all of her records. When I requested that specific record she explained that she had discarded it and apologized. Two days later she called and told me that while she was cleaning the record playing to throw that out too she bumped it…and that record fell out. Now, normally I would just think she was mistaken and forgot about that particular record but my aunt it meticulous and I believe her when she says she saw that specific record in the trash. I cherish the record and it sits in my record collection, though I’ve never been able to play it without breaking down in tears. Today, I was wandering around the cemetery looking for my uncles grave and I saw a row of newer mausoleums ahead of me, which I would have assumed was where he was buried. I took off straight for it without paying much attention to the graves on either side of me. For some reason I stopped at one point to look at a lizard that was crawling on the ground and lo and behold when I looked up, I was standing right in front of my uncles grave without even realizing it. I’m not going to lie that I got goosebumps because I was so focused on going to the mausoleums, I wasn’t looking at anything else and I would have walked right by it. It definitely weirded me out a little.

I sat there for a while and cried a lot, and I was glad I went alone because no one saw me. My parents and I are going back with some flowers and a candle but I was glad I had a moment alone with my uncle.


I also had a hilarious moment as an old woman asked my horrified if I was going to take pictures in the cemetery.

Italians…so superstitious.

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