Telling Tall Tales in Rio Grande, NJ

Menz is a restaurant in Rio Grande but Franklin Menz was also a man who was quite a character. His restaurant on Highway 47 south is filled to the brim with the odd, the strange, and the unique. You can’t miss it from the road, and you doubly can’t miss the giant one legged statue of Frank Menz himself. The place was closed so to see the inside I’m going to have to go back, but I look forward to it and will plan to go back. Apparently Menz used to love riding around on his motorized chair, give the kids candy, and tell tall tales about his life. He sounded like an awesome guy, just someone who loved life.

Stop 7a

The outside had enough to keep me occupied for a bit, including old swan boats and a creepy Santa but this statue is one of the best things I’ve seen.

Stop 7b

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