Seeing Pink Elephants and Pirate Butts in Ocean City, NJ

The shore was busy this day. It was the weekend before Memorial Day and it was raining, and yet it was super crowded down in Ocean City. I was here to see the Muffler Man Pirate  and play a little mini golf but I couldn’t find a single parking spot. The only spot I could find was a 15 minute spot, so beggers can’t be choosers…they also can’t play mini golf unfortunately. I was able to get a shot, though it was just of the Pirate’s butt.

Stop 6a

(Somehow….I don’t think he’d be able to steer that ship….)

I would like to go back, but I don’t know when I might be back and get to play some minigolf so I will have to satisfy myself with his backside for now (hey…I’m single…I’ll take it where I can get it) ;-).

Stop 6b


On the way out of Ocean City though, I did find a small gem of oddness.

Stop 5

I had to take a double look because I thought I was seeing things (ha. ha. I know), but that is a pink elephant on the liquor store. I love it, an old relic from a forgotten time, precariously sitting on the roof, where no one pays him any mind.

At least he looks like he’s having a good time.

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