Buying Real Estate In Margate, NJ

I’ve never seen Lucy the Elephant. It feels dirty leaving my mouth (er…or my fingers..) but it’s true. 30 years in New Jersey and I’ve never, ever seen Lucy the Elephant. I wasn’t far from it, I vacationed near it a few years ago…but I never went. Maybe cause I never wanted to do tourist things. I rebelled for some stupid reason. Word of advice…don’t ever be afraid to be a tourist sometimes. Don’t spend time not exploring your surroundings, even if you’ve lived there for a while.

I want people to visit Lucy. Not only because it is actually incredible to see up close but because the people who sell the tickets are the most wonderful people I’ve met. So kind and nice, they really love meeting everyone who walks through the door. Everyone who works there really loves Lucy, you can see it when they talk about her. I was lucky, one of the people on the tour actually lived across the street from Lucy as a child. At the time, she was decrepit and falling apart, and the guy was telling us how the he and his brother would play in the condemned lot. It was super cool to hear about it.

Stop 4a

Tickets are super cheap and you get a 30 minute tour inside Lucy, complete with a stop atop her basket for a breathtaking view of Margate.

Stop 4b

For those that may be confused by the title of this post, Lucy was originally meant to be a house. The man that originally built her meant for Elephant houses to be the next big thing in Real Estate.

Stop 4c

To be fair…with this inside, and the view from above….I would have definitely considered one for myself.

Stop 4d

What an amazing view. I could stare out at the ocean from here everyday.


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