Project 365: Day 267 – June 22, 2013

June 22

I had a really busy day today. My friend Allein and I went to see Much Ado About Nothing. It was MASTERFUL by the way…Joss Whedon proved that he truly understands Shakespeare. The actors were amazing, each one seemed to really get the work, and their role. I was incredibly impressed and I am really critical of Shakespeare movies. Fran Kranz is also shirtless at one point of the movie…that alone is worth the price of the ticket…yeah, I have a little nerd crush…he seems like a really cool, guy. What can I say, I like smart nerds.

After the movie we went to a car show in Bordentown. I LOVE hot rods and car shows, it was so much fun to walk around in this beautiful weather, looking at all the old cars. I have a penchant for old MG’s so it was amazing to see so many tonight, you don’t usually see more than one or two. One day, when I have both the space and the means, I plan on getting a hot rod and restoring it. But until then, I’ll just drool over everyone else’s cars.


Side note – I only have 100 days left! I’m excited to almost be done Project 365…and yet sad too. I am ready for a new project, I just want to try something different this time around. But I have some time to plan. 🙂

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