Project 365: Day 263 – June 18, 2013

June 18

I’m not sure if this is considered cheating or technically a re-visit. I took a ride back to the Marlboro Psychiatric Cemetery tonight. This cemetery already graces one 365 picture but this photo moved me so much I wanted to include another one. It was raining but the rain added a serene beauty. This cemetery still makes me incredibly sad but seeing all the flags and flowers around made me feel a bit better that others were here and visiting. It’s nice to see these graves looked over and taken care of.

If they suffered in life, the sentiment on the plaque stands true now at least:

No Torment Touch Them….

6 thoughts on “Project 365: Day 263 – June 18, 2013

  1. Wow, that gives me shivers. What a chillingly beautiful sentiment. Were all the patients buried here because they had no family? Or were they buried here for some other reason? Does the psychiatric hospital still exist? If so, do they still bury patients here? One little photograph…so many questions!

    1. Haha I know. It’s amazing what a photograph can or can’t tell you.

      The hospital closed in 1998 (In 93 there was an investigation), so no one else is buried there. Sadly the people buried there were originally unknowns, or those without known families at the time. Each tombstone simply has a number on it, and then later a monument was built (that’s where I was standing when I took the picture) and it tells you who each number is. There are still some anomalies though, one tombstone has been replaced by who looks like the children of a patient, but the name doesn’t match the monument. There are also a whole chunk of numbers missing, and no one seems to know why. The actual asylum is used by the state police now and the security is really tight, but the cemetery is across the street and open to visitors. It’s really hard to find, and someone took me there knowing it would mean a lot which is the only way I knew it was there.

      The place makes me cry though, I can’t even imagine how these people may have suffered and the fact they’ve been buried for so long simply with just a number breaks my heart. The plaque words caught my eye and I shivered too, it made me feel both uneasy and yet at ease.

      1. Wow. That is terribly sad! It’s so disturbing to hear about the shocking ways that psychiatric patients were treated. Even sadder to hear that they are buried without a name. It’s lovely that they have made this memorial but as you say it seems to raise more questions, doesn’t it?
        Very chilling, but very interesting to hear about also. Thanks for sharing. I wonder if there are any documentaries/books etc. about this place?

      2. There are websites, and weird nj used to go there a lot. What makes me sad is that they are going to tear the buildings town 😦 I wish they would take these places and make them into museums. We’ve done so many horrible things we should educate instead of hide it. I don’t actually know if there are official things though.

      3. That is disappointing! You would think that buildings like that would be heritage listed or otherwise protected in some way. It would be a great idea to turn them into a museum so things like this are exposed and not covered up, as they are in a lot of other instances.

      4. Yeah, I’m sure there probably are some things written, but not specifically. Though, I have a few photography and essay books on asylums, I’m curious now to go back and look to see if it’s mentioned anywhere.

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