“Now Would I Give A Thousand Furlongs Of Sea For An Acre Of Barren Ground”

IMG_3581 (2)

The title of this is not true, since I love the ocean, but as I stood here, I couldn’t help but think of “The Tempest”. There is something magical about the sea that inspires and moves us. I had actually tried to walk out to the end of this but the waves were pretty strong and I didn’t have anyone with me to go for help if I got knocked into the water, so I figured I best stay where I feel safe. Still, this was about halfway out, so you can imagine how far this went into the ocean. Next time I go back with friends, I’ll attempt to walk the whole way down, since I can leave my bag safely on shore. I was nice to sit here and look out though, and dream of mermaids and pirates.

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