Looking for Tinkerbell in Almonesson, NJ

Stop 14a

In 1945 carpenter Joesph Laux created a Disney inspired Fairy Garden in his backyard. While he unfortunately passed away in 1991, the garden still stands. It’s fairly impossible to stop for any length of time because it’s on a fairly busy street. In fact when I pulled over to take a picture, not five minutes went by before a cop stopped right behind my car. He allowed me to take a few pictures but asked me to move on quickly as this intersection was prone to accidents as it was. He was nice enough to direct traffic around me while I got some shots and I was very thankful for that. The family that lives in the house attached are very nice and welcome pictures, they also maintain the garden so it doesn’t become run down and neglected. Such a great example of people embracing and loving the weirdness.

Stop 14b

Stop 14c

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