Real Muffler Men Wear Pink in Magnolia, NJ

Stop 12a

I’m sure this guy was in a different spot when I was growing up. Because of that it took a while to find him. Again…GIANT Muffler Man = total obliviousness from Val. I don’t know if it IS because I grew up seeing these that I just don’t register them anymore, but I know it’s just because my sense of direction sucks and I end up on wrong roads a lot. And yes…I realize this is going to be fun when I expand to other states.

He’s a very fancy Muffler Man and he’s still in really good shape. He’s also gotten a paint job in the last few years because I know he was more run down than this when I was young. Still…I’m glad they kept his pants pink and didn’t paint them red, I think this suits him better, makes him stand out and just a bit more unique.

Stop 12b

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