Making Oscillation Overthrusters in Grover’s Mill, NJ

…I can’t avoid a Buckaroo Bonzai reference….I love that movie.

I have lived in NJ my whole life. When I was young I bought a bunch of old radio shows and I would listen to them non-stop. My favorite was the recording of Orson Wells reading “War of the Worlds”. It never dawned on me how close I lived to the actual site of the “Martian Landing”. I went there two years ago but haven’t taken a picture since. There’s this amazing dock in the park where the monument to “War of the Worlds” is that I love to go to. Since I decided to stop and have lunch there today I figured I’d take some pictures and check one more thing off of my roadtrip list.


I love the fact that one little radio show could have caused so much chaos but it’s awesome that I live right were it happened.


Unfortunately…I was not so lucky getting the second half of this story. There is a water tower not far from here that was shot at that faithful night because it was mistaken for an alien. The water tower is IMPOSSIBLE to see and the owner of the house keeps it that way so people don’t take pictures. I have always been torn about this. I understand this is your private property…but….in your backyard is a part of history….it just seems a shame that you would be angry at people for taking a picture and try to hide it. But then again…I don’t have something like that in my backyard, so I can’t judge.

There is also a coffee shop nearby that has a lot of War of the Worlds memorabilia (and a KILLER Portobello panini) that I love going to. I haven’t been there in a while but it is definitely on the list and will be photographed when the mood strikes me after work one night.

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