Lighthouse Baseball in Paulsboro, NJ

Stop 7a

You are seeing that correctly, that is indeed a Lighthouse…and it is indeed in a baseball field. There is a plaque that explains why it’s there but since there is a gate around it, I wasn’t able to read why it’s there.

While I was there I did get a phone call though…and it went a little like this:

“Hey! What stop are you up to?”

“Hi! I’m at a lighthouse.”

“Wait…I thought you were going to Cape May next week?”

“I am…this is in Paulsboro.”

“Um….there’s water in Paulsboro?”

“Dunno…this is in a softball field.”

“……….ok…I’m now thoroughly confused….well….um….I’m…gonna…go…have fun!”

I have to say….if I can confuse at least one person a day, than my day is fulfilled.

It is neat though, this weird lighthouse in a softball field. I can’t only imagine how claustrophobic it would be to climb inside that little tower all the way to the top.

And…of course before I left I totally didn’t run all the bases like an idiot….hmm…I suppose sometimes a lack of company is a good thing 😉 No blackmail pictures.

Stop 7b

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