Rocking in Woodstown, NJ

I won’t say that this trip by in large was a bit underwhelming…but…it was a bit. Nothing quite as awesome as the first trip…nothing quite as weird as the trip after this, but it’s still fun to see some unique stuff on the side of the road. Like a giant rocking chair.

Stop 6a

Here is another instance where my GPS just decided it hated me.

GPS: In 1.2 miles your destination will be on the left

Me: umm….but I see it about half a mile up the road….on the right….it’s not hard to miss a giant white rocking chair

GPS: In one mile your destination will be on the left

Me: no…no I don’t think it will be….I think you’re a liar Mr. GPS (we have a very formal relationship)

This chair is actually in front of an antique/junk/odds and ends store, which is my weakness. Even though the sign said open…it was actually closed….though they let me in to shop cause….what the hey…they were there getting ready to open anyway. I was allowed to climb into the chair but with no tripod (must remember for future trips) and no company…climbing would have to wait for another day. The chair is actually metal and doesn’t rock anymore. The original chair burnt down and the second chair was taken (apparently a giant white rocking chair on the back of a car does not raise suspicion in Woodstown) so this metal one now stands in their places.

There is a cowboy Muffler Man around here as well but by that time my gps just wanted to see me suffer and I couldn’t get a list of directions for it. Now I know where it is thanks to my mom, surprisingly, who pointed out that he’s in the Cowtown rodeo (yup…in New Jersey…we have a rodeo) and not in Woodstown (sometimes we’re not so creative with our town names). I will visit him another day.

Next stop….lighthouses and very confused phone calls.

Stop 6b

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