Depressed in Vineland, NJ

The Palace of Depression is a local legend. I had always known about it and it always held somewhat of a magical thing for me. I grew up a little north of it in Pennsauken, but when we moved to Turnersville I suddenly lived 10 minutes away. And yet….I still never took the time to visit it. Not that there was much left. The place has been rubble since 1969. And yet…as I stopped there on my journey, I found myself at a loss for words, both because I couldn’t believe it had been left in such disarray and was almost completely destroyed by Vineland, and because I couldn’t believe I had finally gone to where it once stood.

Stop 5a

There is currently work being done but as you can see from the video, they started in 2001 and this is what it looks like now in 2013. It saddened me that Vineland hasn’t gotten involved to help rebuild this and make it a landmark. The nice part is that people are coming together (I may also try and lend my help during the summer if I am able) to help and hopefully, one day, I’ll return here and find the Palace standing once again.

Stop 5b-2

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