Getting Funky in Buena, NJ

This…my friends, marks the first of two disappointments on this road trip. Originally, the next stop was going to be the Tiny Church in Winslow, NJ. I knew it may have been on a private lawn but I figured it might still be up. Armed with a vague knowledge of where it should be and my tiny smartphone, I sent off in search of it.

Now….I have a running gag with some friends that I always get myself into these crazy wild goose chases. I’ve had some that have been legendary…mostly involving out of print books or video games….but this takes the cake. Up and down, up and down and up and down Spur 561 in Winslow I went….not a tiny church to be found. I would travel all the way down, end up in Folsom, NJ, turn around and head back. I mean….it’s one stretch of road…..and a pretty tiny town…..and I found nothing. I’m *pretty* sure I found the house of the person that built the little church though…unless there are other landscapers in Winslow who have bible verses all over their lawn, but alas….no church. I was disappointed too…this was the kind of thing I had originally set out to photograph..the amazing, weird and just plain off the wall things people make. I mean…a haunted abandoned house in one thing….but a small, homemade church with creepy dolls inside is unbeatable. If anyone reading this has seen this church and can confirm that it’s still standing (or not) and knows exactly where it is, please contact me. I’d really love to get a picture of it if it’s still around.

After all that running around, I decided it was finally time to give up and head to the next destination. Also a man made thing, these handmade musical robots sit in the parking lot of Ralph’s Auto Body Shop….oh….which happened to be closed when I got there. Which meant I had no way of pulling in to get some close shots. Which meant I just had to pull over on the side of Hwy 54 and take some pictures from across the way.

Stop 3a

Let it be known that I always feel like a sleazy private eye when I take pictures like this (and this seems to happen a lot because I’m not always able to get out of my car and get to my destination). Like I’m trying to catch someone in an illicit act….or maybe I’ve seen to many movies…

These were pretty cute though, kinda weird, but really creative…and the waving kid was a little unnerving.

Stop 3b

Why hello to you too!

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