Wandering in Winslow, NJ

Me: “Mr. Bills Ice Cream” GPS: “Do you mean JFK airport?” Me: “umm….Highway 73 Winslow, NJ” GPS: “Do you mean Hainsport?” Me: “…..I give up…”

It took me 20 minutes to find this place. IT’S A GIANT MUFFLER MAN ON A MAIN HIGHWAY! Let me note that this starts my bad luck of trying to find what should be terribly obvious and noticeable.

Stop 2a

The place wasn’t open and the parking lot is in front of a row of houses so I got some weird looks when I stopped but I’m sure they’re used to people doing this. At one point it looks like he was on a motorcycle, which would have been cool to see but as far as Muffler Men go he’s pretty awesome. I always wonder how these places get these muffler men, or even go about finding one. I love seeing them on the road. South Jersey seems to be the land of them.

Stop 2b

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