Gorillas in the Gas Station in Shamong, NJ

It’s that time again! Restless legs and a desire to not be cooped up inside drives me to continue this tour of all things bizarre in my state. I was planning out my south Jersey road trip when I quickly realized there was far too much to see and so much of it was spread out. While trying to figure out how best to accomplish this trip I decided to break it up into two. I was heading to my parents for the weekend for mother’s day and I figured I could do the stops closest to them and still make it to their house by noon. Even splitting the stops in half I had 15 stops and I had to get them done in 4 hours if I was going to make it to my parents in time.

Nothing like the feeling you’re in an episode of Mission Impossible to motivate you. Why I do these things to myself I’ll never know..oh right….because I’m always up for an adventure.

Unlike the last time, I had actual addresses to plug into my GPS. You’d think that would have helped me but for some reason I did a lot of backtracking and driving around aimlessly this time. From my original list there were two stops that may have been taken down (granted they were on private property so completely understandable) and one stop that I couldn’t find because my GPS just decided it didn’t want to take me to the right spot. I will hit that up on the next trip so I won’t miss it.

My first stop this morning was Mighty Joe in Shamong. The story behind how Mighty Joe got to the tiny gas station in Shamong is a sweet one. It’s really impressive and HUGE and it was a fun stop. It was nice to meet everyone and hear the story of the gorilla. I love meeting new people and this started the trip off right.

Stop 1a

Stop 1b

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