A Bright Idea in Edison, NJ

One of my favorite things that New Jersey can boast is that Edison displayed the light bulb right here in Menlo Park, NJ. I wrote a paper on Edison when I was a kid and my favorite part is not just that he invented the lightbulb but that he built the Kinetoscope (which, if you’ve been playing Bioshock infinite, you are all too familiar with!). He was a phenomenal man and in Edison NJ there is the World’s Largest Lightbulb in his honor. Unfortunately it is under construction so it isn’t actually open to the public but luckily it should be opening up again this year. While it’s not lit up, it’s still incredibly impressive. There isn’t any parking (4 spots in front of it), so you have to park on a sidestreet and walk across to get to it but it’s pretty cool when you get close.

Stop 15a

I really can’t wait to go back when it’s renovated, apparently the light bulb will be lit up at night, which is definitely a photo-op waiting to happen.

Stop 15b

Definitely look for some re-visit shots when they open it back up.


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