Nyuk Nyuking it up in Metuchen, NJ

Stop 13b

Regardless of what you believe happens to you after death, the gravestone is a forever reminder that you’ve walked upon this earth. So…why not make it fun? When I got to the Hillside Cemetery in Metuchen, NJ to see the Three Stooges Grave, I found a lot of families there visiting loved ones so I didn’t want to stay long or bother people. I quietly got out of my car and walked to the tombstone, which is right in the front of the cemetery. The caretaker was walking around and he stopped to talk to me when he saw me with my camera. Apparently this man was a local fireman who had an amazing sense of humor and didn’t believe in being sad. I admire this tombstone, as the cemetery is usually such a solemn place. It is nice to see something to make you smile, or chuckle a little. It feels wrong and that makes me happy.

While I believe cemeteries will slowly diminish as the years go on, I still hold on to the stupid romantic notion that one day centuries after I’ve been buried, some quirky girl will stumble upon my old tombstone and leave me a stone, or a wildflower. Take a picture and brush the branches from it. It will be a remembrance that I walked this earth, and it will not be a sad thing.

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