Water Tower Ninja Security in Holmdel, NJ

My next stop took me to one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Sitting abandoned (well perhaps not totally abandoned….more on that later) in the middle of the old Bell Laboratory facility, stands a giant water tower made to look like a transistor.

It was REALLY cool to see this thing. I parked the car on a side street and took a walk to see it. While it was very cool from far away I was curious to see if I could get closer. I noticed that there were no signs, chains or scary looking robots so I held my breathe and drove onto the lot. It was amazing to see up close but before I could snap a picture, a security guard came from NOWHERE (Ninja!) and informed me that I was trespassing and that I had to leave immediately. I explained to him what my goal was for the day and while he was sympathetic to my cause, he couldn’t allow me on the property any longer. He did allow me to stay at the entrance of the lot to take my picture so I wouldn’t get any wires in the way.

Stop 10

I wish I knew the building was also visible from the street as it is a massively large black mirrored building that is imposing and frightening but I am quite satisfied with this picture for a first visit.

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