I’m not even supposed to BE here (in Leonardo, NJ) today!

(I know….it’s a cliche, but it had to be said.)

Just like everyone else who grew up in the 90’s, Kevin Smith was god to us New Jerseyians. I had “Mallrats” on a loop in my house and “Clerks” was quoted daily in school. It’s pretty cool to live so close to Red Bank now, I like to go to Secret Stash whenever I can and get my weekly dose of comics (and play at the arcade across the street!). I never knew until planning this trip that the Quick Stop from “Clerks” was still standing and I had to make it a stop on my list.  Unfortunately the RST Video rental place had been closed down a while and a tattoo shop had come and gone in it’s place. It was your stereotypical convenience store but I have to admit I had a huge fan girl moment when I got out of my car and crossed the street to get a picture.

Stop 7a

It is definitely a moment I wish I had people with me so I could get a shot of two guys standing against the wall in the Jay and Silent Bob iconic pose (I almost asked a group of kids on bikes near me but it turned out they had never heard of “Clerks” so it wasn’t worth it) but it was still really cool.

Stop 7b

I know that one day I’ll come back and this will be closed, but it’s nice to know that a piece of movie history is just hanging out in the middle of Leonardo.

And…for this post you guys get a bonus! I took a wrong turn out of the Quick Stop and found myself face to face with a parking lot filled with carnival rides packed up in trucks. I love anything vintage and kinda creepy so I quickly parked my car and jumped out.

Stop 7extra

Thank god I snapped this picture because within seconds I was being chased off the lot. I plan on going back one day to see if I can get more pictures but I was glad I found it. That just goes to show you…one wrong turn can turn into an amazing surprise.

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