Eagle Clutching I-Beam in Atlantic Highlands, NJ

I wasn’t going to stop in the Atlantic Highlands to see the 9/11 Memorial of the Eagle Clutching the I-Beam. I don’t know why, I suppose I figured it would be a bit out of the way. Plus, how many I-Beams did I really want to see in one day? But it was early in the day and it was still so beautiful out that I figured I could just make the drive up there and check it off my list. It turned out to be the most beautiful drive I’ve ever taken. The Atlantic Highlands is all oceans and mountains and mansions. It was incredible. I love driving on long winding roads, up mountains, with the ocean out my window. It took me a while to find the place but when I did I was presented with the most magnificent view of the Manhattan skyline I have ever seen.

Stop 6c

I sat on the bench, had my lunch, and took it all in. I’m glad I went because, of all places, the resonance of 9/11 hit me here. The skyline looked….wrong, somehow, even years later.

The Eagle was beautiful and it was actually a memorial of the people from NJ that lost their lives in 9/11, which each person and the county they were from listed on the base of the statue.

Stop 6e

It was my favorite stop of the day.

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