You…Shall…Not..Pass! (um…into Long Branch, NJ)

I knew my trip was going to take me through the beach part of Asbury Park and into Long Branch. I was worried about what I was going to find when I got closer to the water. It was devastating what happened and unfortunately there are still parts that have not recovered from Hurricane Sandy. My stop was supposed to take me to the Wind-Mill Shaped Hot Dog Stand but (*sad trombone*), I wasn’t able to find a way into Long Branch.

Stop 4a

I was met with this sign over and over again and was not able to find a way into Long Branch from where I was, which meant, sadly, that I had to move onto the next stop on my trip. All was not lost though. While I wasn’t able to make it I got out of the car and walked about a bit. Even with all the damage, the water and the view was still beautiful. I swear, New Jersey is the most beautiful place to be. I can’t imagine being far from water (or the mountains….or perhaps a mall….). Honestly though, I sat near the water just taking in the sun and the smells and felt so happy to be surrounded by such beauty.

Stop 4b

And who knew…the best part of my trip was still to come….

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