Crazy Ambition and the Circus Drive-In in Wall, NJ

I live in New Jersey. I love my state. Forget about Jersey Shore and Sopranos. We’re the state that has a whole magazine dedicated just to how weird we are. We have mountains, oceans, woods and more bizarre history than most people can shake a stick at. We have the Jersey Devil, and Monopoly is based on our Atlantic City streets. I love road-tripping but most of the time you can’t go too far on a regular day. I realized that on any day you are less than 5 minutes away from amazing, strange and wondrous things. Not only was it an absolutely gorgeous weekend but I had a three day weekend. I decided to take advantage of both and plan a road trip throughout New Jersey visiting all the weird places we have to offer.

I have used before when I drove to North Carolina but I had never realized they had a “Map-a-City” feature. I quickly noticed there were too many places to see in one day so I decided to break these trips out into a few mini-trips. This first trip took me along the eastern coast of Central New Jersey

It was a pretty ambitious trip but I was looking forward to it. I grabbed some snacks, my music and my water bottle and headed out first thing in the morning. My first stop was at the  Circus Drive-In in Wall, NJ.  Apparently many of my friends grew up with this place but being from South Jersey I had never even heard of it.

Now…I have a confession to make: I’m INCREDIBLY freaked out by clowns. I have two weird things that freak me out: Clowns, and humanoid animatronic figures (this:  completely freaked me out for days).

I suppose in lighted sign form clowns are not AS creepy, but not by much:

Stop 1b

I don’t care….I don’t want a clown that looks like that, with that smile, peeking at me over ANYTHING.

All I can think of:

“Hello child…I’m here to KILL YOU! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!”

Yes….I don’t like clowns.

The eating area was both awesome and just as weird:

Stop 1a

It wasn’t open unfortunately but they were cleaning up inside. I’m not going to lie, I will be visiting this place once it really opens. It seems like one of those places that I love it for it’s strangeness and it’s quirkiness.

I’ll just avoid eye contact with the clown.

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