Scavenger Hunt Photo Challange

I’m always trying to find photo challenges so that I can push myself creatively as a photographer. I’m already doing Project 365 but I wanted to find something new to try. I stumbled across photo scavenger hunts and I wanted to compile a list of things to find this weekend. I asked my friends to submit some suggestions and got back some awesome ideas for things to find this weekend. I fleshed out the rest with some lists I found over the internet and set out. I would love to do this every few weeks and I welcome any suggestions. This was so much fun to do and I really pushed myself to try to find things that spoke personally to me and fit the theme without being too obvious or cliche. If you are a photographer (or if you just want to try it!) I would suggest it. And if you do, post them! I love seeing what different people with the same themes.

1) Retro (Submitted by Marlene)

FINAL - Retro

I collect old playboys. As of right now, I don’t have many from the 50’s because they are really hard to find at a good price. I saw this at the flea market today and found a double surprise. Not only was this an issue from the 50’s but it’s also the issue with Jayne Mansfield! Most people love Marilyn Monroe as their favorite blond bombshell but Jayne will always be my favorite. When I was in L.A I got to see one of her graves at the Hollywood Forever cemetery. Her true grave is actually in Bryn Mawr, PA and I want to take a trip out there one day to see it.

2) Fragile (Submitted by Patrick)

FINAL - Fragile

This was both the hardest and easiest picture to take. When you’re a photographer, or a writer (or anything that you have to involve a piece of yourself in) there is a lot of soul searching and looking inwardly at who you are to allow your medium to reflect something about yourself. I was sitting at the bench by the lake in Cranbury and Patrick’s submission of “fragile” kept coming to mind. I have been struggling with a lot of feelings recently and a lot of the feelings have been incredibly frustrating. And this stupid submission of “fragile” kept coming to mind. I didn’t know how I was going to find “fragile” and it started to become this personal moment for me at the lake, about being fragile and staying strong and being aggravated at how fragile I actually am, even though I put up a tough exterior. And in my frustration I started skipping stones….

And it made me laugh to myself as I realized that humans are about as tough as the surface tension of a lake, we are so easily broken at times no matter how hard or tough we try to be, and the effect ripples far longer than you may think.

3) Geometry (Submitted by Dan)

FINAL - Geometry

I’m obsessed with angles. I found this broken sidewalk and just loved all the angles. There are even angles in shoe treads.

4) Fraggle (Submitted by Nadia, who thought Patrick had originally said “Fraggle” and just ran with it.)

FINAL - Fraggle

I found an old playground while I was walking and I instantly thought this jungle gym looked like the buildings the Doozers make! I walked around the playground while singing the theme song for a bit.

5) New


I was trying to be a little funny with this picture. What’s actually new about this picture is the angle. I always take pictures in a close up and I wanted to try something new and take pictures in the wide shot. I purposely took a new picture with something old in it. I do weird things to amuse myself.

6) Oxymoron

FINAL - Oxymoron

French Cooking made easy? Enough said.

7) Love


Love is comfort. Love is freeing, and fun. Love is lightweight and wraps you up like a warm blanket. Love is like jumping off a swing in mid-air.

8) Abstract

FINAL - Abstract

Tree face! TREE FACE!

9) Broken

FINAL - Broken

Poor broken headstone in Cranbury Cemetery.

10) JuxtapositionFINAL - Juxaposition

The Cranbury graveyard is in the backyard of some houses so at the very end of the graveyard there are toys strewn about as well as a treehouse. It’s an interesting backyard, don’t you think?

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