Project 365: Day 3 – October 1, 2012

Adam went home today and the house was pretty quiet and lonely so I decided to get some sewing projects done so I didn’t just mope about the house missing him. I love to sew and I’m learning more and more from my mom how to draft patterns completely from scratch so that I can tailor them for my body. I finished up a pencil skirt I had been working on (it has to be taken in too…weight loss ftw!) and started on a pin-up dress I had made a pattern for, as well as work on some sketches for some Cosplay costumes I want to finish before I go to the next con. My pincushion definitely got a workout today.

2 thoughts on “Project 365: Day 3 – October 1, 2012

    1. You should have seen the zucchini I used beforehand…oof.

      You know….I don’t know why pincushions look like tomatoes. Ahh….great mysteries of life, I suppose…Bigfoot, UFO’s and why pincushions are made to look like tomatoes.

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