So a little Strong Bad reference never hurt anyone…

After being a photographer for a few years I’ve really developed a voice and clear style in my work. Like any artist, people should be able to point at something you’ve done and instantly be able to recognize you. That doesn’t mean that every picture you take should be the same, you should always play with your style as you may find an angle or frame that you never thought of, but your basic key elements will more than likely always shine through.

I have an obsession with close ups. I love focusing on one part of an object and allowing everything else to remain slightly out of focus. I love when you can see a small piece of something and it instantly tells you a story without having to show you the big picture. It seems like no matter what new technique I try I always seem to gravitate to getting in close.

I love this arrow. It’s part of the “Forest of the Subconscious” instillation at Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ. No one really ever sees it as it’s just on the path to the actual instillation. But it’s placement is my favorite part. People will subconsciously follow it without realizing it, sometimes even tripping over it. It’s brilliant.

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