Abandoned Sign

This old lighted sign post is on Rt 130. I pass it just about every Friday night on my way home from D&D and once in a while when I have to drive down south. Every time I pass it I either don’t have my camera on me or it’s nighttime and it’s too dark to see. This time I made a special visit with my camera for the sole purpose of taking a picture of this sign. It’s in an abandoned lot that was a lot more dangerous than I thought to park my car. I had four people stop me to make sure I hadn’t broken down, which restored my faith in humanity somewhat but also made it very uncomfortable when I had to explain that I just wanted a picture of the creepy sign.

Have I mentioned this sign is surrounded by brush and sharp pointy bushes and what may or may not have been something poisonous. Oh the things I do for great shots.

It was all worth it though, for the shot that I did manage to snag. The clouds are perfect, the wires give it a bit of a run down feeling and the black and white makes it gritty and dirty, exactly how I pictured it in my head. I don’t know what used to be there, but I love this remnant just siting there, left behind.

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