A Rose From The Doctor

I went to the Steampunk convention on Saturday and while listening to the awesome band playing (Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band) I was surprised to feel a tap on my shoulder and then staring face to face with someone dressed as Dr. Who (Tennant…and he REALLY looked like Tennant too) holding a rose out. After I realized it was indeed for me and we started talking about how awesome the band was (what each of us was doing at the Con, my costume fail, etc) he admitted that he saw me and wanted to come over and say hi but wanted to do it like he’s imagine Doctor would have (which I still say would have been while running and waving his arms madly like there was some emergency. lol). When one of the really fast songs came on he grabbed me out of the blue and started dancing with me to the music. It was definitely one of the nicer parts of my day. And I can say I got a rose from the Doctor…yeah….that part’s pretty cool too.

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