Tree Monster

I first passed this fallen tree right after I started my new job last year. Since then I became obsessed with trying to take a picture of it, though since I didn’t pass it on a regular basis it was hard to know when to bring my camera with me, and the shot I wanted escaped me for a while. When I moved back down here myself, I would pass it everyday on the way home from work and everyday I would say “One of these days I’m going to stop”, but I never did. One day I just said “screw it”, made sure to bring my camera to work that morning and made myself a mental note to stop and take a picture. The problem with this fallen tree is that it’s on a very busy, very dangerous road (you know the ones, where the cars go really fast around blind curves…yeah…LOADS of fun.) and it’s almost right at the curb of the road. But being as stubborn as I am didn’t really deter me. I parked about half a mile up, very (very!) quickly crossed to the other side of the road, and proceeded to make my way to the fallen tree.

What always struck me about the tree was that it literally looks like a monster trying to claw it’s way out of the ground. It was what originally drew me to the tree and it was the way I wanted to portray the tree in my photo. It does look like a hideous creature wrenching itself from the ground and trying to crawl towards you. I messed with it a little in photoshop but no matter what I did with it, this original color shot was the best and most jarring. By the time I got back to my car I was itchy, cold, wet (it had started raining as I was taking pictures) and I was scratched up from moving around trying to get a good shot in the middle of sharp, pointy bushes. But in the end I got my shot. I was really proud of that. And now when I drive by that tree I smile, because I think of this picture.

And how I thought I had gotten Poison Ivy. But mostly this picture.

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