Blind Shot: Green Glass – Grounds for Sculpture, Hamilton, NJ

As photographers, we tend to frame things the same way whenever we take a picture. That’s not a bad thing, it becomes our signature, something that instantly identifies us when people look at our pictures. But we can get stuck or stagnant in those shots and never experiment with anything new, therefore staying in our comfort zone. My goal this year with my photography is to push myself FAR out of my comfort zone and see how I do. I started with self-portraits and have continued with taking people’s pictures but now I want to try some more new things.

I decided to give this “blind shooting” a shot after it popped up in forum talk and what better place to try it out than at Grounds for Sculpture. I was pleasantly surprised  by a lot of the pictures I ended up taking (there were a few duds as well..) and found that, even with blind shots, I tend to subconsciously frame pictures the same as if I were looking through the lens.

This picture is a great example of that. I love the way this picture came out. I love all the shades of green and how translucent they are. BUT, even though I took it blindly, it looks exactly like a picture I would have taken had I been looking through the lens. I’m not sure if that says something good or bad about me, but I at least found it amusing.

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