Ballerina Shadow: Grounds for Sculpture – Hamilton, NJ

The only problem (if it can be called one!) with Grounds for Sculpture is that, after a while, you start to take pictures of the same statues over and over again because once you see the new stuff, everything else is more than likely the same as the last time you were there. It doesn’t detract from me wanting to spend every waking minute walking around there but it does force me to try to get pictures of the statues in new and unique ways.

The sun was blazing the day I went and it fell perfectly one of the the ballerina statues at the grounds. I love this statue (and it’s sister ballerina statue next to it). I don’t know why but I find them two of the most beautiful things in the grounds. I have taken pictures of them with just about every camera I own and at just about every angle. One of the best pictures I’ve ever taken of the ballerina’s I actually made into a triptych: Ballerina Triptych – Grounds for Sculpture

I didn’t want to do the same thing over and over again so when i saw the shadow of the ballerina on the ground I thought of taking this shot. I love that you don’t actually have to see the piece to know exactly what it just, just based on the shadow. I love shadows. I love to play with shadows, and photography shadows. It gives you a lot to play with, while always adding mystery.

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