Heavy Rain: Origami Killer’s Bird

Quantic Dream makes games. Except that they don’t. They make “Choose Your Own Adventure” books in the form of video games. When I played “Indigo Prophecy” I know I was playing something special and eagerly looked forward to what they were going to come up with next.

“Heavy Rain” is a masterpiece of what is possible and where video games will be headed in the future. It is also the most depressing game I have ever played. I got the happiest of happiest endings and I still wanted to cry at the end. And yet, I can’t wait to play again (The only issue I had was that I couldn’t copy my saved games onto USB drives so when I purchase a new PS3 I have to play the whole damn game over again…same with AC2. grrr).

When you purchase “Heavy Rain” you get a piece of origami paper and while the game is loading it gives you instructions for creating the same calling card that the killer in the game leaves with his or her (no spoilers from me!) victims. I liked the idea so much and I loved that I had this little memento from the game so much that I actually glued mine together so I could keep it as a display piece.

6 thoughts on “Heavy Rain: Origami Killer’s Bird

  1. Heavy Rain is amazing. I watched a full play through of it online and I still went out and bought it. I got so mad that they canceled more of the DLC’s that were suppose to come out!

    1. They did?!? Damn! It was one of those games I actually preordered because I wanted it so bad. I played it in two days. Its one of my favorite games.

      1. YES! Instead of making and releasing more DLC’s for Heavy Rain they put their time into making it for the PS Move. Got me so mad! Me too its a freaking amazing game.

      2. oh. sigh. I really like this new technology they’re working on. I actually love my Kinect (so sue me…I have a weakness for dance games. lol)…but only with certain games. Trying to force gamers to incorporate this into everything isn’t really a good idea and I’m not sure how Heavy Rain would benefit from PS Move, it seems that it would take you out of the atmosphere of the game instead of heightening it.

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