Owl Sign Post – Fire and Ice Festival: My. Holly, NJ

I love this sign post in Mt. Holly. It’s so out of place but yet it fit in so well. I especially love the owl at the top. I’ve always been into Greek Mythology and as a kid I took a quiz to see what greek god/goddess best represented me. I actually tied with Artemis and Athena and the older I get the more I have to admit that it was spot on. A strong warrior and a wise and intelligent strategist and caregiver. Ever since then I’ve always felt close to both the moon and owls and have kind of adopted them both. Even though I love all birds, my owl obsessions is widely known by my friends and they feed it whenever they can (my whole new kitchen is 70’s inspired with owls…oh…and Portal stuff). I love how stately the owl looks atop his post and even though everything around this was modern and updated, I instantly felt like I was back in time.

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