Dreamland Roller Rink – Coney Island, NY

This building used to be a roller skating rink. You have to understand…I have a sick obsession with the movie Xanadu. I am not afraid to admit that I love that movie and enjoy belting out the music at inopportune times. Which is all the time apparently.

I also was a huge roller skater as a kid. I even took lessons. Well…..lessons may a stretch…I used to go to the roller skating rink and then play TMNT the Arcade game for hours on end. I may have been a mediocre skater but I was AWESOME at beating Shredder with Michelangelo (The best to use in my opinion…range and quickness…Leonardo is a close second).

By the time I got out to Coney Dream Land had been closed up for a while. And unfortunately they will not be reopening though they are in the process of finding a new place to set up shop. Visit their site…join the cause to get them opened up again.


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