Wonder Wheel: Coney Island – Brooklyn, NY

I love movies. What really introduced my passion was Vincent Price. I saw House on Haunted Hill as a child and I instantly wanted to be a filmmaker. While I found that my talents are not made for the film world (I can visualize scenes like no ones business but can’t write a script to save my life, the half-finished one on my computer is proof of that) I love all sorts of movies, but I definitely gravitate towards more obscure, generally lower budget movies. I have seen so many Blacksploitation, sexploitation and grindhouse movies I’ve lost count. Corman and Castle were my directors growing up and I still always find myself drawn to those kinds of movies.

I saw “The Warriors” about five or six years ago and I just latched onto it. It’s dark, gritty, funny, smart and has an amazing soundtrack. Also…I instantly recognized Lynne Thigpen and proceeded to call her “Chief” the rest of the movie (yeah….I was a Carmen Sandiego freak…). The centerpiece of that movie was the Wonder Wheel at Coney Island and when I went to Coney for the first time, it was what I wanted to see most of all.

It is as glorious as the movie portrays it to be, a shiny beacon in a slowly crumbling area. I’m not a huge fan of ferris wheels (bad experience with someone rocked an open car stopped at the top when I was a child, to this day I prefer stationary or caged cars) but it was important to me to ride this landmark. It’s breathtaking, and I marvel at it’s engineering.

I have many pictures of the wheel, from all angles and sides, but this picture felt the most capturing of its spirit. It’s gritty, just like the movie, and as beautiful.

*Side Note: I had a Michael Beck double feature a few days ago…..Xanadu and The Warriors….I love both those movies….yes…..

4 thoughts on “Wonder Wheel: Coney Island – Brooklyn, NY

    1. Its really cool, though all of Coney is amazing. 🙂 There’s so much to see and so much history, if you can, get out there before it starts to disappears 🙂

      1. No, i doubt they’d ever tear it down…but Coney is changing. they’re attempting to make it more “family friendly” and “tourist friendly” and are closing up many of that shops that have been there forever. the addition of Luna Park doesn’t help as its pushing out many things. while i doubt the wheel will ever go anywhere, the environment around it is sadly changing. it just makes me sad because I love Coney Island the way it is, it should be quirky and I think the world is losing out on something special as the mayor tries to make it so sterile.

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