Bikes Against Railing – Coney Island

I spent a lot of time thinking about what to post first. The first post is very important and sets the tone for the rest of the site. This particular picture is the closest to my heart. This was taken at Coney Island this summer with my newly acquired Diana Camera. This camera takes 120 film which, while not hard to find, is fairly expensive to develop. I feel that the end product is worth it once in a while. I’m amazed by this picture. I saw the line of bikes leaning up against the railing and something drew me to it. I think I liked all the clutter of the bikes. You cannot tell where one bike ends and the other begins.

Coney Island is one of those places I love to go to on a beautiful day. An amazing mix of the past and the present, where you can still find sideshow and burlesque acts next to families getting sun on the beach. I pray that never changes, though I know it is. I wish people were more open-minded, I wish they understood that Coney Island’s history is something to embrace, not something to be afraid of.

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